Solar Space Heating Panels


  You would think that since commercially manufactured solar space heating panels have been around since the mid 1980s that knowledge of them would be wide spread.  And since they can harness nearly 5 times more energy than the same size solar PV electrical panel can harness, you would think that knowledge of these space heating panels would definitely be on the top of the list for renewable technologies.  But the main reason that you do not see allot of mention about these products is that they are not patentable in that they were developed by open source means through magazine articles and other publications back in the days before the Internet.  You know how it is in this world where unless someone can own the patent and control the market they do not want to invest in something that someone else can build and thus compete with them.

  Before you continue you should click this link below for a swf format video of how solar space heating panels work, WordPress does not support swf video file formats for some reason.

  If you  just viewed the above recommended swf format video from US Solar Heating, you now have an idea of how the solar space heating panel works.  And as mentioned in the first paragraph the energy harnessing ability of these solar heating panels is nearly 5 times greater than that of the same size PV solar electrical panel.  And so the cost of a solar space heating panel is going to help pay for itself many times over within its rated life time which for some panels is 20 years but we are now finding that commercially made panels from the 1980s are still going strong now some years past the 20th year and on their way to 30 years of use.

  With regards to the greatest year round energy requirement for our homes, winter time heating is the greatest year round energy expense.  With solar space heating panels and a well insulated home, we can reduce our heating cost by obtaining solar radiant heat energy on clear winter days, in fact partially cloudy days still provides some solar heating for our use.

  It is possible to make your own solar space heating panels, however if you want a professionally made product with a known Btu rating for an investment I suggest that you look into a company such as US Solar Heating for a well made product to invest in.

  If we can address this issue of meeting with the greatest year round energy requirement then we can make homes capable of lowered energy cost, especially if we make those homes more energy efficient than they are currently being made using 2″ x 4″ stud framed wall, where instead we use 2″ x 6″ stud framed walls with R19 to R20 insulation in the wall cavities, and greater amounts of insulation in the ceiling.  And if we have solar space heating panels installed during the construction of our homes, then their cost is covered in the home loan payments, while our home with its higher energy efficiency and renewable energy in the form of solar heating helps to pay for itself.  This is ideal since in times of high energy cost our energy bills will never come about to compete with the monthly home loan payments.  In fact we will realize savings at the end of the month that we can put into a savings account.

In this video we see an new form of solar space heating technology.