Bad Visions And Unsustainable Cost


An illustrious vision of which we are told is a green design.

  Above we see a designers vision of something we are told is a green building design, and the author of this no doubt wants to sell this building to someone somewhere.  However what the buyer would obtain is art work with very little consideration of what is true in terms of green building design.  First of all the design involves unusual framing of the curved sections and requires additional work in order to design the various parts to fit into place, which adds additional energy or rather power consumption as well as cost.  Furthermore the notion of all the green vegetation growing within the opening of the structure requires additional energy in terms of electrical power to pump tons of water throughout those sections to keep everything alive.  Hence this design adds additional cost to operating the building and it is doubtful that there is enough green vegetation in such designs to impact the air quality of this world if these designs were wide spread.  About the only functionality of growing vegetation on buildings is to either have vines up the sides of buildings to shade and lower its thermal mass temperature in the summer, or to have such vegetation growing on top of buildings to do the same.

  In this video there is a concern for the merit of cooling a giant dome envisioned to be built over the city of Houston.  The matter of concern here is whether or not the theories being employed to cool the structure will actually work, and if not then Houston will have a monster of a problem with the power consumption required to cool the interior of the domed city.  Although there is some discussion of the method and means of ventilation for keeping the interior cool and lowering the humidity, the fact that this dome is clear and that it allows radiant solar energy to enter through the dome, where this source of heat can cause the interior temperature to escalate once the thermal mass of all the buildings and concrete and pavement has absorbed sufficient enough heat.  A potential problem exist on this wise, the notion of ventilating a dome to cool it comes from an original design that was not clear.  The theorist here are hoping that natural air convection due to heating of the air by solar means will lead to upwards ventilation out of the top of the dome.

  As for the reason for wanting to build the dome to help save the city from the ravages of hurricanes as well as heat and humidity, a better investment would be to change their building practices and require new buildings to meet with certain design  considerations.  we might also ask our self if not those involved with this idea are actually wanting to build a futuristic vision that they have, perhaps one borrowed from science fiction movies, which we might also ask our selves of the unusual building design seen at the top of this page?

  The only practical use that any of us would obtain from a glass dome is to have some warm place somewhat nice to go and spend time in, in the winter time.  One thing that we have learned from green houses is that although we provide them with ventilation both passive and active, we still have to cover them over as the summer progresses or else the plants we are growing inside the green house will receive too much solar thermal energy and die.

  The matter of the dome over Houston then becomes a question of whether or not the project will result in something that will require the city to have to utilize enormous amounts of electrical energy to cool the structure and to help move the air for ventilation since such a structure can trap such things as automobile exhaust.  Who knows this might work however, but it is a costly vision on such a large scale when more down to earth means can be employed at a much more reduced price over all to tackle their problem.  First of all in terms of their heat problem, increasing the insulation standards of buildings is a start.

  As we go about our business to explore a whole new world of ideas and technologies as well as visions for a green world and marketplace, we need to stop and consider which visions are affordable and sustainable.  If we invest in something that was visionary and it turns out wrong, where the theories of the operation of the design fail to deliver on their promise, then we could be stuck with something that requires more energy to keep operating than it was meant to.  It should lower the cost of operation rather than increase it.  Hence it is best to stick with tried and true concepts if we want to make a good investment.


  In this visionary piece of architecture we have solar panels placed over two curved surfaces, one surface is somewhat of a dome while the other is a spiral walkway to nowhere, which has solar panels curved around its structure.  Here the designer somehow equated futuristic looking features with green building design and created a costly construction idea.  Several solar powered homes could be built for the cost of this construction or a much larger office building with much simpler and hence basic design.  This design also utilizes more energy to construct from energy used to heat and shape metal to all of the energy expend on suspending and hanging the spiraled feature.  Although the author of this vision tagged this as a green building design it is hard to afford in terms of construction cost, and hence such designs are unsustainable in terms of visions.  No one needs to hire an architect who does things like this.  This is not a green building design, this is art work at the purchasers expense.


Moving Forwards

  In this post we want to discuss the need to move forwards and how that we might do this.  And this will be an opportunity for those who want to invest into a new market to consider the means of how to do so.  The means that we will use to move forwards is to market an affordable product that most every home owner will want to invest in, especially since the product will help the home owner to save on energy cost such that their monthly energy bills will never come about to compete with their home loan payment.  Likewise another sales pitch item is the fact that the product will enable the home owner to realize monthly savings, which is something that very few people these days are capable of since they have to very carefully manage their money in order to pay off their monthly expenses in terms of taxes, bills, and other living cost.  If they have $50 left over at the end of the month, that for some is a miracle, however we would want them to realize more than that so that they can save and reinvest their money in the market that we would want them to invest in, which is the green building market.  Where they can invest in energy upgrades and other items as well as invest in a second home.  We would want people to be able to help their children invest and so, keep the market moving.  Hence we want to detail a vision of how this can be done.  As well as give some of you ideas on how to start a green built community.

  First of all, here at this site you will pick up on the general design concepts to use when drafting up designs for energy efficient homes, in terms of the most affordable design concepts so that you will not be tempted by illustrious designers to invest in their anything but affordable schemes.  Once you have that resolved and know what sort of vision to best invest in, the next thing will be to gather up likely investors and put forth a presentation of why some visions are affordable and why some are not, and then set forth the advantages of how affordable projects are advantageous to the builders as well as the home owner of which both are investors.  The first paragraph above sort of says it all in terms of why this product here at this site is the affordable and preferred product for the future.  Hence both the builder and buyer should be envisioned as investors and both need to see how and why their investment is both affordable and will enable them in the long to realize savings enough for reinvesting.  This is the sales pitch and its is an honest one since the claims of the product is all true.  And furthermore you need to provide pamphlets, brochures and other documentation to the potential investors that explain this truth.

  As mentioned on the front page, the most affordable design method details a simple approach, where the materials used for this kind of construction are readily available and found in every local market.  The kinds of materials used in the construction methods we detail here a this site utilize materials found in most every local market around the world except in the case of some third world nations.

  Some of us might undertake a project to build experimental communities in order to have a place where people can come to and experience the kinds of construction advised here, where those who invest will either live there or sell the homes built there.

The Honest Sales Pitch:

1. Detail the simple method of construction in terms of what approach is taken to make the most of local market materials that are much more affordable than others to make a home or office building that is energy efficient and capable of becoming a Net Zero building, thus competing with some of the more elaborate and more expensive construction concepts.

2. Discuss the merits of using both passive and active solar heating concepts in the design, and how that this will contribute to money savings, since solar heating is much more affordable to invest in and acquires nearly 5 times more energy per square foot than solar PV electrical panels are capable of.  And since this is meant to be included in the initial construction, the cost of these more affordable renewable energy features are covered in the home owner loan since they are a part of the construction cost and are not add on investments left up to the home owner to add to their homes.  Since the lifetime of solar space heating panels is rated for 20 years and some of which are now going on 30 years out in the field, the investment recovery time on such features is only a matter of years, thus the home owner will find that these features pay for them self several times over in their life rated time.  By at least 5 times minimum.  Hence why have a winter time heating cost of a few hundred dollars when you can get it down below $100 during some of the winter months?  Meaning that during those sunny days in winter the home owner will be able to acquire heat via solar energy means.

3.  The sales pitch for the builder is the same for the home owner in that the affordability of the design approach results in savings to both the builder and home owner.  Both will save and profit by the investment.  Both will be able to reinvest.  In terms of the economics ,unless there is something sustainable about the design for both the builder and home owner, in which in this case is the sustainable cost, which the home owner further realizes in terms of reduced monthly home operating cost, then nothing can remain viable on the market long.  Fortunately since the cost are affordable and the home helps to pay for itself, this means that the potential for reinvestment in the market goes up.  Those who own such homes who decide to sell and buy another will buy the same product again except bigger or smaller as they grow old.  Likewise their experience and that of those who visit their home will lead to further demand and further sales.  Hence this is the basis of the economics of the product we are promoting here.

  Keep in mind now, affordable cost are sustainable while hard to afford cost are not.  You would not want a committee of our government over seeing the establishment of a green market listening to those manufactures and corporations who have invested them self in new technologies that cost allot to develop and thus who want to recover those high cost, influencing the policies of the market; and as we all know they do such things through projects that utilized Department of Energy funding and thus try and make the most of a high priced product before it goes off the market.  None of us want to be forced to employ a new technology at the whim of the government since those who have such technologies already know that they will not move much in the market because of their hard to afford cost.  At this moment it is wise to not focus too much on the advice of green building councils since some of the larger ones who are more wide spread have been invested into by corporations who want their product pushed along to recover their losses on its initial research and development cost.  Hence again, hard to afford cost are unsustainable.