Green Marketing Initiative


  Above is a 3D landscape model of a green built home and property designed by the author of this web site. The house is such in the model that you can tour the interior and the basement area. On the sunny side of the home there are solar space heating panels, and a subterranean green house extends underground into the basement.  An ambitious solar electrical plant with windmills is seen to the lower right side behind the gardening area.  Admittedly this design is a little above the ordinary cost of the other visions of the author but demonstrates what any of us can do with our visions of the future.

  Part of our current problem with the lack of adoption of green building and renewable energy is a lack of public education. Furthermore this lack can be extended to the building sector to both architects and construction companies who actually have no concept of how either of these two topics can be implemented.

  Furthermore in terms of public education and promotion there is a lack of awareness of what cost are sustainable and make a worthy investment and what cost are hard to afford and unsustainable.  And hence this too should be a part of any public education program that addresses green building and affordable renewable energy investments for residential use.

  The internet is one way that we can use to provide the public with information on what is worthwhile and affordable in both terms of green building and renewable energy.  However this alone does not appear to be enough, since what we really lack is a means to address the image of green building and green marketing in terms of a visual image that attracts attention and regular readers and viewers in a much wider audience than would normally be the case.  Hence the means that we can do this, and educate the public as we do so, is through the promotion of and the development of either a series of television documentaries and or a television series along the line of such things as home renovation, or such as the once popular series “This Old House.”  Except in this case the series would detail the construction of an affordable kinds of green built homes with renewable energy features of the passive and active solar heating kinds.

  Such a series of television broadcast would be a venture between the television production company where various manufactures could provide their green products and technologies for use in the television series for promotional and marketing purposes.  And hence a new kind of marketing and advertising genre would be created that is both educational and informative where informative means in terms of those products and technologies that home owners and construction companies can use and architects can suggest.  Additionally such a television enterprise can make sure that the broadcast informs the public that they can have renewable energy features installed during new building construction so that the home owner loan covers this also in the overall home loan cost.  Which means everything comes complete with such homes and thus only one monthly payment.  Where the advantage this to the home owner is now they have invested in a house who’s energy cost will never come about to compete with the home loan payment since we have an energy efficient home that utilizes renewable energy to further reduce fossil fuel cost.  Furthermore if the home is built with the right vision, then with additional renewable energy upgrades the home can become a Net Zero building with very little effort since it is energy efficient to begin with.

We would hope that some of our readers would become interested in such a public education project and help to launch such a production company.  We will be open to suggestions and collaboration.  Furthermore such a television production can lead to the sale of the properties that are built by the company.  And launch a whole new market of products such as how to videos and publications, as well as consulting services and firms.