A Green Market And Economy

  This article will no doubt be one of those I evolve over time to cover as many points as possible as I narrow down the narrative in order to be insightful, and so this is for both the investor and the customer to consider.  And yet this is also for those of you who are planning on a business of your own and those who are considering the jobs of the future.

  In this past decade I have seen talk of sustainable markets or rather green markets and economies being thrown out to the public for consumption.  I have also seen those projects contributed to by government fail to deliver their promise of a bright green future.  What I saw was that some folk were taking in money and then failing to deliver on their promise.  They either wrote something for the public to read in order to appear to have done their job to earn the money that government threw at them, or else they had formulated a scam and took the money and ran.  This appears to be the case with the failed investments in solar that the Obama Administration provided money too.

  Unfortunately what this has done is to make the promise of a green market and economy look like a pipe dream, but that is only misrepresentation; although it does appear to give the notion of green economies a black eye.  What we do not need is for some small private interest group somewhere to act as representative of the green vision who will take the money and not produce anything useful in return.  We do not need anyone lording their institution over what we want to accomplish.  And so, what I have seen here is something that has given the solar industry and other renewables a bad reputation, although there are legitimate companies out there now providing some useful products and continuing to make improvements in the technology and as we all know, we will need those in the future.

  A better vision in terms of a true green economy and market is for economist and companies to look at the landscape of technologies, who are focused in upon those things that are truly useful to us, of which the focus will be on the more affordable items, and envision a market place driven by these products.  It is only the affordable items that will remain sustainable since hard to afford cost for the consumer are unsustainable cost.  You can not create a new market through advertising high cost technologies.  People will be turned off by the price while the money invested into those technologies will be lost and hence unrecoverable.

  What the market first of all needs are renewable resources to fuel it.  Such things as wood for instance is something that we as a world have come to manage well enough to mass grow sufficient numbers of trees to provide to the housing industry. Imagine all of the wood stock that daily goes into building houses around the world.  This would not be possible if we had not learned to manage this resource and renew it at a rapid rate.  The same thing goes for the production of food where we have learned to renew our supply for the world as a whole through modern agriculture.  In a green market the main resources for producing products will be sustainable materials from renewable resources.  We can use hemp for fiber to make clothing, to make paper, to make oils for fuel as well as oils to make plastic, and we can uses it’s raw resource for bio fuel to do things such as power gasification power plants.  Another useful product that we can make from hemp is hempcrete which replaces concrete, and unlike concrete it has a high R factor thus acting as insulation while for those of you interested it absorbs CO2 out of the atmosphere.  Furthermore it is more flexible than concrete, able to better withstand earthquakes.  And since it weighs less than concrete it takes less fuel to move it around from place to place as compared to the cost and fuel consumption required for concrete transportation.  I would definitely be interested in using hempcrete to build a house mostly for its insulation factor and its thermal mass properties.

  Now looking at the main theme of our site here which is green building, starting up a green building market means that the market will rely upon construction materials found in every local market.  Only a few things for the job would have to be ordered but those items are readily available on the national market and hence only take over night shipping to acquire for the job.  Since the nature of this is that most of the materials are within the local market, and the methods of design and construction that we suggest at this site are not much different than old school construction methods, a new enterprise on a nation wide scale can be launched which results in new job openings as well as the opportunity for new businesses to open up on Main Street, although if Wall Street is wise they too can profit by this.

  Let us not forget here that part of the green market place consist of organically grown foods, herbal and vitamin supplements, gardening materials and tools, as well as renewable energy and what I mean by renewable energy is renewables used by the home owner as opposed to solar and wind projects started at power plants.

  You might want to consider now the reality of fueling an economy based upon building.  If we were to set about rebuilding our nation we would first of all be creating jobs, and those who have those jobs in turn would be able to invest their income into the product they build and become a home owner.  While their income will also fuel their local economy as they go about buying things from the businesses of their community.  In turn this upstart in building nationwide, would result in more money being poured into the nation’s economy through spending which will result in new business and manufacturing start ups, as people move into the market to make a profit through providing products of which they will need to have new manufacturing facilities built to employ workers.

  At this point in the equation comes into play other jobs and industries, those who provide various materials as well as technologies.  Hence the economy or rather market for these will take off, and thus we further effect the general economy.  Remember that homes need appliances and furnishings and so, manufacturers need workers to fill the void in order to meet the demands of the market.  However you can not depend on foreign markets to meet the demands of your nation since they have only certain things that they have invested in and are not ready to meet your demands, furthermore we can not reliably trust the manufacturers of other nations to provide us with products that are non toxic and environmentally friendly, we have to rely upon our self and thus upon labor and manufacturing within out nation, which is all a part of the market and its economy.  If you export labor and hence remove a nations means of production, you thus remove jobs from the nation and hence remove the people’s means of sustaining them self.  Hence such a nation is head down the road of unsustainability.

  I can think of two technologies that people can get into where they do not need to apply for the old patents to build those products, and those products are solar space heating panels and wood / biomass gasification power plants.  These two products can be made locally, in shops.  Hence there are some windows and doors of opportunity open to the public for new business ideas.

  All it takes is for investors to come together and decide that they want to take the market place in a new direction.  The can begin by promoting a new product in the public domain of which they explain how that it is both superior to the old and affordable and also point out why other versions of similar products have failed to reach the market because they were unaffordable to invest in by investors and their companies, as well as by the buyer who although they might have liked the product could not afforded it.

  I will have more to say on this matter as time allows me to devote additional pages to this and hone in on narrowing down the dialog.  I hope however for the moment you have obtained the gist of the green vision and will come back to find out more as well progress along here over time.