This web site is devoted to helping you realize your vision, as well as organizing groups of people to help build a community vision.  We hope that our site speaks well to builders and investors, as we do our best to inform and educate all who come here on how to build your vision in an affordable way which means via sustainable cost.  On that note it should be said that if construction cost are hard to afford on the buyer’s end, then those kinds of cost are unsustainable when it comes to either making your vision one of a nation wide market, or as a home owner who wants to make their monthly living expense more affordable, where if their home investment is actually hard to afford and does not work well with them in the coming years of home loan payments, then that investment was not the wisest one.  All it takes is times of high fuel cost to have the owner realize that the energy cost is competing with the home loan payments.  And if this continues too long, then forfeiture of that home looms in the future.  Part of your vision should be the means to remedy this before it even gets started.

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  In times such as we live it would make sense for those of us with vision to come together and start a project that will launch a new town ship.  A town where there are no restrictions on what people may do with their property in terms of innovative, productive and sustainable ways to live.  Where wind and solar energy is not frowned upon, biomass fuels and other biomass resources are relied upon for its sustainability.  Where green building is welcome without the restrictive limitations of certification organizations to define and determine what methods one may use to build energy efficient homes so long as sustainable materials are used.  Where experimentation, innovation and invention is encouraged and education is as it ought to be, focused on learning the essentials and especially the sciences.  Hence a township with a vision of the future that embraces vision and works towards making that vision a reality, where such a town also understands that if you remove people’s means of production you remove their means to sustain them self and prosper, where the town will remain focused on all that it can to provide an environment friendly towards industry, where all that is provided in terms of industry must be environmentally friendly.

  Such a town can come into being much easier than you think, if you make the initial launch of such a town devoted to being a place for research and development of ideas and technologies for use in the green building industry.  Where testing of home designs and products are what initially launches the development of real estate, and where research and testing firms and other relative institutions come to set up shop as well as provide hands on experience for students who come and spend perhaps two weeks at a time to do research and obtain up close hands on experience with the construction ideas and technologies needed to build green communities.  Such a town could begin with a tech school that provides training within the town and hence, provide its students with numerous examples of the kinds of things required to build sustainable communities.

  This is the vision that we have here at Emerald City Visions.  We hope that you will ponder this vision and stay with us to find out what sort of developments occur as we progress along with this vision.  We ill be working on a reasonable charter and letters of incorporation with specific rights for every citizen that may come to live in such a township.  And we do have ideas on where such a township can be developed but we will be open to suggestions of which we will research the feasibility of in order to have as many options as we can to choose from.